Want to prevent a car accident? Follow these road safety guidelines

We’ve all heard of the risks of driving while using a cellphone, and rightly so – an estimated 1 in 4 accidents is caused by texting and driving.

According to research by Zendrive, at any given hour, 40% of motorists use their phones at least once.Overall, motorists use their phones for an average of 1-minute, 52-seconds of every hour behind the wheel. They also use their phones 88 out of 100 trips.

And while cellphone usage and driving is a huge concern, there are other behaviours that can jeapordise your safety on the road and cause accidents.

These include:


Speeding can cause accidents – whether you’re on the highway, or through private neighbourhoods and in school areas. Speed limits are not intended to be proposals - overlook them and you risk being not only being fined, but getting into an accident.

Driving too slowly

Just as you shouldn’t speed, driving too slowly can cause irritated to drivers to overtake irresponsibly, which can cause accidents.

Trying to beat the red light

In a rush? Don’t feel like waiting at the robot as it turns red? You could be jeapordising your safety if oncoming cars think you’ll be stopping.

Eating while driving

It might be tempting to attempt to multitask and have a bite (or a full dinner) while driving, but it isn't advisable. When you are in the driver's seat of your vehicle, your complete attention should be on what is going on around you on the road.

Skipping queues

It’s frustrating being stuck in traffic, and while it’s tempting to drive in the emergency lane or weave through cars to push to the front, this can cause an accident.

Applying makeup while behind the wheel

Your eyes should always be on the road – not on your mascara or blush.

Failing to use the indicator

Other drivers depend on you indicating to know when to proceed and when to slow down. Your failure to do so can give them the wrong information, and they therefore might do something that jeapordises you and them, through no real fault of their own

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