What you need to check when you fill up with petrol


What you need to check when you fill up with petrol



When you’re filling up regularly, it’s easy to become relaxed, and spend time on your cellphone instead of paying attention. Here’s what you can do to ensure the best-quality fill


Never fill up immediately after a tanker has filled up the petrol station

Filling up during or just after a tanker has filled up the petrol station should be avoided as the tankers pump fuel into the tanks underneath the floor of the petrol pump at high pressure, which churns up the dirt and sludge inside the tank. Filling up at this time increases the chance of sludge and other impurities entering your car's fuel tank, which can be damaging over time.

Make sure that the pump's meter has an inspection sticker

The system that dispenses fuel is mechanical and can malfunction or be tampered with leading to a situation where you end up paying more for less fuel. To avoid this situation, the law requires that pumps are calibrated and inspected regularly. After inspection, a sticker is affixed to the pump, so you can see it’s been done.

Be 100% sure which type of fuel your car uses

It sounds so obvious, but it’s essential to know whether your car takes petrol or diesel, and check that your car is being filled with the right one, as mistakes – and serious car damage – happen. Also find out what’s recommended for your car – 93 or 95. While 95 might be more expensive, it could help your car run better, and save you money in the long run.

Check your tyre pressure, oil and water

While waiting for your car to be filled up, it’s a good time to have your tyre pressure, oil and water checked. Even if you had them checked last time, there’s no harm in having it done again, especially since there might be a fault without you being aware. Click here https://www.motorhappy.co.za/motorhappyblog/education/six-ways-to-keep-your-tyres-lasting-for-longer/1 to read more about tyre care.

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