Safest cars in South Africa under R200k

Safety is always top of mind when looking to purchase a car. These are the safest cars to drive in South Africa for under R200,000; getting value for money and peace of mind.

The Automobile Association has published its Entry-Level Vehicle Safety Report for 2020, highlighting the budget cars with the best safety features in South Africa.

In terms of true safety points attained, points of 20 or less are considered as having ‘poor’ safety. Safety points between 20 and 50 can be considered as having ‘moderate’ safety, and safety points of 50 and above can be considered as having ‘acceptable’ safety.

The real strength of the 108 1.0 Active is its inner-city drivability. The compact dimensions and the eager engine make it an excellent urban run-around if you're not doing massive kilometres on the open road, and it's wonderfully easy to drive in confined spaces. A perfect option for you!

Let’s face it economic stress is at an all-time high and the general cost of living is really beginning to take its toll. Toyota has answered that call with the all-new Etios. A vehicle that has it all – space (biggest in class), pace (largest capacity engine in its price segment), kit (everything you need) and cost. When it comes to people- and luggage-carrying capacity, the Etios plays its strongest trump card.

The Aygo embraces the spirit of individuality. For those who can’t stand not standing out, the Aygo is designed to make an entrance. With its signature bold styling and zippy performance, driving the Aygo inspires you to make your mark on the world.

The up! sets a new way forward in car design, with exceptional interior space. With its eye-catching standard steel wheels or optional alloys, enhanced by horizontal running lines to the front and smooth finishes to the side, the up! is an ultra-modern interpretation of the classic Volkswagen design. Sleek, contemporary and unmistakably Volkswagen.

The Ignis is an urban SUV with a bold and characteristic design combining distinctive headlights with a strong grille line. The roof flows into a round cabin supported by prominent fenders to provide extra headroom without spoiling the sleek design. This compact SUV is a hatch that enables you to take on urban adventures.

With deep roots in South Africa as an established maker of precisely-engineered, reliable and competitively priced vehicles, Datsun is now focusing on manufacturing aspirational cars. The new models have an upmarket style that will stand out in the crowd and smart features that are usually found in more expensive vehicles.

This Kia Picanto has picked up quite a loyal following South Africa and this latest generation is undoubtedly the best one yet. However in our budget car comparison, the Picanto is a bit of an outlier as it is principally a car designed and sold at a higher price point, but Kia SA strips out some of the spec to drop the price to a very affordable prices.

Next time you are looking to buy a car with affordability you should consider the safety aspect too. To protect yourself and your finances. Looking for more cars? Buy a new ride today:

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