Steps you can take to prevent your car being broken into

Five steps to lessen your chance of your vehicle being broken into

There are some things you simply can’t control – such as the weather, the rise and fall of the Rand, and crime in South Africa. But you can control how you respond to things. When it comes to keeping your car safe from thieves, a few preventative steps could go a long way.

Step 1: Remove valuables from your car

Remove all valuables from your car – or at least move them out of sight – to make sure your car is not targeted by opportunistic thieves.

Step 2: Cover up your car audio system

If you like loud music, chances are you’ve invested significantly in speakers, a subwoofer and amplifier. Cover them up with a blanket or consider tinting your windows so thieves can’t spot your investments so easily.

Step 3: Install a good quality alarm in your car

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a loud alarm to stop a robber in his tracks. Consider putting a sticker on your car and advertising the fact that you have an alarm. It could be a deterrent.

Step 4: Park your vehicle in a safe locked away area/or well-guarded area

You should always try park your car in a safely guarded area, either behind a locked fence, in a garage or in an area with security guards.

Step 5: Don’t let people see you placing valuable items in your boot

If you have to put your laptop, clothes or any other expensive item in your boot, do so before you arrive at the parkade. Criminals often watch their victims carefully before breaking into vehicles, and if they see you storing your valuables in the boot, they will know to target your vehicle.

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