Tips for driving in the rain and wind in the winter weather.

As the cold front is hitting all parts of South Africa in the next few days it is important, we remember some safety tips when driving in the wind and rain.

Driving in the wind and rain causes havoc for drivers as cars are driven off the road due to a loss of vision, trees are blown over which cause an obstruction in the road and objects blown into the road can cause distress for pedestrians.

If you are not able to stay off the roads during the heavy wind and rain here are some tips to follow to maintain your safety and the care of your car are taken care of:

1. Keep yourself informed of the weather conditions by following the news, radio, television and social media posts with LIVE weather updates.

2. Be aware of your surroundings, and avoid driving in areas which are known to be dangerous in high winds and rainy conditions. These areas can include stretches of roads, tunnels through mountain areas and roads that run under powerlines.

3. Powerlines may fall during heavy rainstorms and windy conditions. It is therefore, important to never drive over powerlines which have fallen if you may encounter them.  Drive at a speed where you can spot the powerlines and avoid them if needed.

4. Crossing high and exposed bridges can leave your car losing control from the heavy wind and rainy conditions, this can cause your vehicle to fall off of the bridge. Try to avoid crossing high and exposed bridges in these weather conditions.

5. Road warning signs are put there to help you, take note of these warnings signs when you are driving as they can tell you of areas that are dangerous during times of strong winds and heavy rain.

6. Stay alert and aware of debris and fallen objects that have blown into the road. This can save you, your fellow drivers and pedestrians lives.

7. Be cautious of stationery vehicles or vehicles which are being towed as they are more likely to be blown over by cross winds.

8. It is important to stay calm while driving and rather arrive a few minutes late. Be patient and avoid overtaking trucks and large vehicles.

9. It is important to always take note of the amount of load in your car while driving and never to exceed this limit. During strong wind and heavy rain overloaded items or items protruding out the windows of a car can cause your car to lose course on the road or damage to other drivers.

10. If the wind becomes unbearable to drive in rather pull over or find a safe place to stop. Your safety and the care of your car is a number one priority.

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