UPDATED: How do I know my car service is due?

Service intervals can vary between different car models, and the easiest way to know when your car service is due is to check your car owner’s manual. However, there are other signs that your car service is due, and it’s best not to ignore those signs.

Below are five signs that your car service is due:

  Engine warning light

When your engine warning light goes on, it’s a major indicator that your car needs to be looked at and you should get your car to the garage for a service as soon as possible.

 Strange noises

If you’re hearing strange noises coming from your car, have it checked out before they develop into serious problems. Look out for sounds like whining under the bonnet, louder-than-usual exhaust noises, metal-on-metal sounds, uneven engine noise, crunching gears or squealing when you step on the brake.

 Smoke from under the bonnet

Keep an eye out for overheating: white smoke or steam comes out of your bonnet. Look at your car’s temperature gauge and if it’s at maximum, immediately pull over and wait for it to cool before continuing. If the smoke is blue, it’s probably caused by burning oil and could escalate to a costly problem if left unfixed.

This is a sign that you need to get your car checked out ASAP and is often an indication that your car service might be overdue.

 Vibration under braking

The disc brakes are one of the most delicate parts in most cars - as well as the most used.

If you notice a vibration or pulling whenever you press your brake, you’re probably facing a suspension problem or an issue with your steering.

It goes without saying that a problem like this is not something you can drive with - so get your car serviced as soon as possible. In some cases, brakes can be a sign of tyre wear.

 A look at your car service manual

If you want to prevent problems rather than cure them, there’s an easy way to do that: Service your car when advised. In most cases, the car’s standard service intervals vary from 10,000 kilometres to 15,000 kilometres, depending on the model.

If you don’t pass this kilometre range, though, your car service should come once a year. This will ensure that everything from oil to filters is replaced at the right time without any possible damage or unexpected costs.

 A final word

A trip to a service centre should be something that every car owner expects. After all, our vehicles are made to be constantly maintained so they give us the comfort we deserve. Select an official car service that is certified and known in your area - and stick to them for any of your service and repair needs.

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