Great podcasts to listen to when you’re driving

Great podcasts to listen to when you’re driving

Whether you’re on a road trip, stuck in traffic, or want something more stimulating or entertaining than the radio or your song playlists, here are the podcasts worth downloading now.

1. RadioLab

This is one of the most popular podcasts, and features content around anything from history and politics to current affairs and tech.

2. The NoSleep Podcast

Love scary stories? Then you’ll probably enjoy these spooky podcasts that will keep you alert while driving (and maybe even clutching the steering wheel in fear).

3. Criminal

The storytelling on this true-crime podcast is fantastic, with each episode featuring a different case.

4. Serial

This compelling podcast was made famous by its first series that told the story of Adnan Syed, who was convicted of killing his girlfriend. There’s fantastic storytelling, and you might want to drive further just to listen more.

5. Stuff You Should Know

You can learn a lot of random, interesting and must-know things on this podcast, which will not only widen your knowledge, but become cool conversations your next dinner party. From how to make a podcast and the uses of a ballpoint pen, to how traffic works, there’s a lot of interesting content here.

6. S-Town

There were 10 million downloads of this podcast in just four days, which tells of an investigation into a murder in small-town Alabama. There are interesting twists and turns, which make this podcast hard to switch off.

7. My Brother, My Brother and Me

This is a hilarious advice show featuring three brothers, though each episode features the warning that their “advice should never be followed”. The brothers answer questions sent in by listeners, and the camaraderie and humour of the brothers make for fantastic entertainment.

8. WTF with Marc Maron

Together with other comedians and celebrity guests, Marc Maron answers philosophical questions humorously. His interviews are lots of fun too.

9. CliffCentral

Closer to home is CliffCentral, with shows covering local sports, lifestyle, news and more. There’s a lot of content available, so pick your favourite area of interest, and download!

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