5 unconventional trips to take during the Easter break

It’s been just over a year since we were put into level 5 lockdown due to Covid-19, which meant absolutely no travel during the Easter weekend last year.  We missed travel and our faraway families A LOT. This year, to celebrate our freedom, it is time to do something different, experience new locations and enjoy every moment of it with the people you love. 

Below are five types of unconventional travel that you should try this Easter break:  

Caravan holidays are the perfect way to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic because caravanning offers plenty of space to physically distance. It gives you control of the destinations and the activities, and it takes away the unnecessary stress of checking into hotels and encountering large crowds, so your entire family can stay protected. 

You don’t have a caravan? No problem! Caravan rental companies cater for all types of travellers. Standard caravans come equipped with everything from comfortable beds and cutlery to a dining area and toilet facilities. High-end caravans also come fitted with TVs, wifi and air conditioning, so you don’t have to bring anything from home. This sounds like a treat and a very relaxing idea indeed!  

Various South African holiday locations offer shark cage diving packages. This way you and your family can enjoy the thrill of shark cage diving and the other benefits that come with the holiday package. While shark cage diving might not be for everyone in your family, a holiday package comes with additional activities that will keep everyone entertained. It’s a win-win! 

A homestay is a holiday where travellers stay with a family. Craft and Tourism programmes such as WOWZULU allow people to travel and the families hosting to generate an income by using community assets to hosts authentic experiences for their guests. WOWZULU hosts homestays in the Ugu district on the South Coast in KwaZulu-Natal. 

For those who do not want to rough it out camping, staying in a teepee village with more modern conveniences is a pretty solid substitute. 

One place to visit is Gibaland, nestled in the heart of Giba Gorge in KwaZulu-Natal. The attraction boasts some of the grandest views in the country. 

The Teepee village is perfect for an Easter getaway and something different for the entire family. Besides the cool accommodation, there's plenty of family-friendly activities such as cycling, walking trails, horse trails and birdwatching. 

Hiking holidays are slowly taking off. Travellers are opting for something adventurous while adhering to Covid-19 protocols. Holiday-makers can plan their own hiking holiday or book one with a travel operator. When considering hiking holidays, ensure that all group members are fit and can handle the various terrains. 

Hiking vacations offer a lot more than traditional holidays because you get to explore the area’s history and its people, and along the way you might find hidden gems like waterfalls, caves, beaches, indigenous trees and plants. 

So which one will you be choosing? Whatever you decide, remember to enjoy and stay safe South Africa!  


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