Road trip planning: Days to take off in 2020

So, you’ve just cracked open your brand new 2020 diary and you’re excited to start pencilling in your big plans for the New Year. While January is the perfect time to start mapping out your goals and getting things organised, it’s also the perfect time for road trip planning. And we’re amped to help you get started so you know exactly what leave days to take off in 2020.

The first big public holiday for us after New Year’s Day, is Human Rights Day, on 21st March. The downfall, if you happen to work Monday to Friday, is that Human Rights Day falls on a Saturday this year, which means you’re not really getting a “day off” as you would if it fell on a weekday or a Sunday. 

Thankfully the Easter break is not a long wait away. Good Friday in 2020 falls on Friday, April 10th and Family Day follows on Monday, 13th April. Two “extra” days off (plus Saturday and Sunday) to enjoy the last of the warmer weather and get yourself geared up for the cooler weather that will no doubt have you romanticising about bundling up in cosy sweaters. 

Freedom Day falls on Monday, 27th April. Take Friday off and turn this into a four-day weekend. This is ideal if it’s a short vay-cay you’re after. 

If you’re planning a bit of a longer getaway, work your leave around the 27th April (Freedom Day) and 1 May 2020 (Worker’s Day). You can start your road trip leisurely on Saturday, 25th April and return late afternoon on Sunday, 3rd April. You’ll get a full seven-day break and only have to use up three days of your leave allocation. 

Next up, Youth Day (16th June) falls on a Tuesday and if you take Monday, 15th June off too, you can enjoy a nice little winter break. The weather in Durban in June and July makes it a perfect destination for escaping the cold.

National Women’s Day falls on Monday, August 10th, and the next public holiday thereafter is Heritage day on Thursday, 24th September. And that’s it until the Christmas season starts.

Day of Reconciliation falls on Wednesday, 16th December with Christmas Day on Friday 25th December 2020 and Boxing Day the only other public holiday that falls on a Saturday for 2020.

We hope our handy guide will help you make the most of your road-tripping adventures in 2020. And remember to keep your car in tiptop shape by investing in a MotorHappy Maintenance Plan. That way you can always be ready for the road trip, with the peace of mind of knowing that your car is ready too.

Safe travels!


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