1st for Women

Established in 2004, 1st for Women offers insurance specifically designed for women. Our products and services provide holistic lifestyle support for women on the road, at home, with their business, in their lives and online.

Our product offering:

This includes car, home, buildings, business, life and cyber insurance to help South African women meet the demands of their world, as well as a number of benefits included in these policies to keep them safe and make life easier.

Our Product Offerings

Included in your comprehensive car insurance

  • Accident Damage
  • Lock and Keys
  • Legal Assist
  • Theft cover
  • Roadside Assist
  • Tax and Finance Assist
  • Hail Cover (financed vehicle)
  • Towing and Storage
  • Concierge Assist
  • Window/glass cover (windscreen)
  • Trip Monitor
  • Entertainment Assist
  • Fire/Explosion cover
  • Directions Assist
  • Nurse@First
  • Liability Cover
  • Household Assist
  • Insurance App
  • Sound System (factory fitted)
  • Medical Assist
  • Vehicle Accessory (factory fitted)
  • Trauma Counselling/Assist
  • Exposure
  • Contribution towards Emergency Accommodation
    (covered under Roadside Assistance)


  • Hail cover (paid off vehicle)
  • Canopy cover
  • Cash Back Bonus
  • Car Hire
  • Extended Liability
  • Sound System (not factory fitted)
  • Tracking Device

Benefits of taking Insurance with 1st for Women

Guardian Angel on Call

Your safety and that of your loved ones is 1st for Women's priority. That's why, when you take out car Insurance with us, you get our Guardian Angel on Call to keep you safe on the road. Download and register on our app to get access to it.

Guardian Angel on Call includes a mobile crash detector that will send an ambulance if you need emergency medical assistance if you're in a severe accident; an authorised tow truck to meet you at your exact location; a Guardian Angel to wait with you if you feel unsafe; a lift to get you where you need to go; and our claims team will be notified immediately of your accident, all through the 1st for Women app.

You can also share this benefit with your regular driver and up to five family members to keep them safe on the road too.

Guardian Angels lifestyle assistance

As a 1st for Women car, home, and buildings insurance customer, you automatically get access to our range of Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance benefits, that will provide the necessary support should you ever find yourself in a car, home, or medical emergency, or need tax, finance, and legal advice.

1st for Women Foundation

When you join 1st for Women you become part of a community of women supporting women. This is because a portion of all premiums are donated to the 1st for Women Foundation which to date has raised over R70mlllion to fight woman abuse.

Terms and conditions online. All benefits are subject to specific policies. First for Women Insurance Company Limited is an authorised insurer and financial services provider. Long-term policies underwritten by 1Life an authorised insurer and financial services provider.

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