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Avoid these mistakes when buying a new car

We’ve put together a few tips to help ensure you make the right choice for your lifestyle and your pocket.

Buying a car could be exciting and frightening all at once, and with so many choices on the market, it could be irresistible. We’ve put together a few tips to help ensure you make the right choice for your lifestyle and your pocket.

Not taking the car for a test drive

This is the most important way to find out if you like the car, and if anything appears wrong with it. Take a drive on the highway and on quiet suburban roads, so you can get a feel for both. Remember to sit in the back seat to see what it’s like being a passenger. If you have children or an outdoor lifestyle, you should check that your car will fit all your gear such as prams and child car seats, bikes and more. Ask yourself if the car ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, safety as well as drivability.

Neglecting to do your research

Make sure you do your research and see what the car’s strengths and weaknesses are. Check out all the online reviews of the make and model, not only in your country but also around the world. While a car may look good on the outside, it doesn’t mean that all is fine under the hood. Do some online research to find out about how the car performs and do some investigations into the after-sales service.

Choosing the first car you test drive

Don’t let the rush and excitement of that first test drive influence you! Make sure you try other cars in your price range so that you can compare. This helps give you a good sense of what else is out there. There might be something better around the corner!

Forgetting your budget

A car can cost more than what you pay for it; so you need to consider maintenance and insurance as well as fuel. You may want to find a low-priced car to be able to afford the insurance, or you may choose to buy a newer car with a maintenance plan so that you don’t have to go out for repairs. Do your research, which consists of seeing if you could get the car financed (and also what your monthly expenses will be), evaluate what your fuel costs can be per month, and getting insurance quotes.

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Getting advice from your mom/aunt/brother

Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone is a professional! Chat to someone who knows a lot about cars, or a mechanic not affiliated to the dealership, to find out any additional insights about the vehicle. Try to chat to someone who owns a similar car to the one you’re looking at. They can be probably shed light on the car’s pros and cons.

Ignoring the car’s depreciation rate

There are a lot of online calculators where you could check your car’s depreciation rate. This can be helpful when deciding between two similarly priced cars, as you may want to choose the car with a lower rate of depreciation.


How to finance your car

You have two options when financing your car: Take out a finance agreement that will result in your car being paid off at the end of the or choose a lower monthly installment with a balloon payment at the end of the period.

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