Ineos Grenadier: A powerful new SUV on SA’s roads 

Have you spotted any Ineos Grenadiers on the road yet? Ineos was founded with the mission of developing and manufacturing SUVs with the goal of continuing the tradition of the iconic Land Rover Defender. You can choose between three models: a full cab ‘station wagon’, a bakkie, and a recently launched chassis cab version.

The Ineos Grenadier promises to be an excellent off-road vehicle for travelling through the country’s most challenging terrains, which require well-built, reliable, and high-performing vehicles. 

The Grenadier Station wagon comes in three versions: Grenadier, Trialmaster and Fieldmaster editions. The bakkie is called Grenadier Quartermaster. Here you also get the basic, the Quartermaster, as well as the Trialmaster and Fieldmaster variations. These models are already available for order in our market. It’s still uncertain if Ineos will export their chassis cab bakkie to South Africa.

The brand is oriented toward high-end consumers, as you can tell by the BMW powertrains, high-performance Brembo brakes, and Recaro seats, among other luxury components. You could expect to see these brands in a prototype, but when the first units were launched, they featured these outstanding elements. The combination of a semi-austere exterior with a luxurious interior and the high performance of the vehicles makes the Ineos an interesting choice that deserves to be explored.


When you look at a Grenadier for the first time, it doesn’t seem that appealing; its beauty is in the details, like its lights and slight details that may go unnoticed at first sight but are fascinating once you discover them. The SUV resembles an exhibition vehicle in many ways, and it’s bold to launch such a vehicle to the market.


When Ineos claims that the Quartermaster is built for tough work, it’s not just a slogan. The pickup has a 760kg cargo capacity and an outstanding 3,500kg towing capacity. The petrol and 3.0-litre turbo BMW engines promise plenty of power, and an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission and Carraro axles state the truck is built for serious off-roading performance. All versions are mounted over the same chassis, which has a ground clearance of 264mm, 800mm wading-depth capability, and the best approach, break-over, and departure angles for a vehicle in its category.

The pickup versions' cargo boxes are spacious enough to carry a standard pallet without problem. The chassis cab version will allow carrying bigger cargo, but it can easily be turned into a closed box if needed. Both pick-ups share the same interior as the full cab versions, allowing the transportation of five comfortably seated passengers. Speaking about the interior, all trims feature Recaro seats with the option of choosing between washable fabric seats or full leather seats. 

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the British billionaire businessman and founder of Ineos, states that the Grenadier’s body-on-frame construction is designed for customization, and the chassis cab is a great starting point for both leisure and utility conversions.


The interior is made of high-quality, yet strong materials and the instrument panel and controls resemble the ones of a combat aircraft; they are impressive and it’s hard not to keep staring at them. On top of that, a 12.3” infotainment system with GPS and AndroidAuto, and Google Car Play compatibility complete the combo.


The Ineos Grenadiers are already available for order at the brand’s South African website. Although the brand hasn’t confirmed the arrival of the chassis cab to our market, the chances of getting the new model are high as it is based on the conventional pick-up. To raise expectations, the model is listed on the website with a button that invites visitors to ask for more information about it.

Both the base-level Grenadier and Quartermaster start. at R1,717,100. (Prices correct at time of publication.)


With a price that competes with the brand-new 2024 Land Rover Defender and exceeds the price of the Ford Ranger Raptor by thousands, it would be interesting to see how the Ineos range is received by our market. It’s clear that the Grenadier is designed to succeed the traditional Defender, a concept Land Rover abandoned years ago, creating a niche for these types of utility vehicles. On the other hand, the proven Raptor is an appealing option; however, watching what’s happening in other markets, the combination of quality, modern technology, and inspiring vintage design of the Ineos are features that no other brand in this segment has yet achieved.

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