Reviewed: Maxda CX 5


Reviewed: Mazda CX 5



Is this 3rd generation SUV worth the upgrade? We weigh in here.


The new Mazda CX 5 is the third generation of the Mazda SUV lineup, and it’s been significantly improved.


The new CX 5 comes in three different engines, which are available in front-wheel drive (FWD) andall-wheel drive (AWD). For towing and off-road driving, the AWD is the most suitable, but don’t doubt the FWD, which is a smooth clean ride and has great power distribution between the front wheels.

With the new models, there is a conventional manual gearbox and the optional Tiptronic automatic transmission.


The 2.0LActive petrol is the base line model and starts at R379 900. It has atotal power output of 121kW/213Nm, which feels strong and the throttle response is good if you get the lighter FWD version. The overall fuel consumption is6.4L/100km.The 2.5L individual petrol model starts at R491 900 and comes with 2.5Lfour-cylinderengine. It pushes out 143kW/258Nm, which is good power with a fairlygood fuel consumption of 7.0L/100km.

The top-of-the-line model, the DE Akera,starts at R557 500. It has a 2.2L diesel that cranks out 140kW/450Nm andis also the fastest of all the available models. It sprints from 0-100km in 9.0 seconds, which is the best option for towing as the diesel engine has a lot more torque than the other models.

Exterior/Interior Design

The exterior and interior have had a major update and the new Mazda looks great from all angles.

The new model comes with LED headlamps and 17” alloy wheels, but they’re also available in 19”, which make the car look sportier.

The new LED technology has auto-levelling headlamps that adjust to the angle of the road you’re driving on. There’s also a keyless optional extra,andauto fold mirrors that also have auto dimming in the rearview mirror. The power-lift tailgate is standard on the new models, which comes in handy when you have your hand full of shopping bags or luggage.

The CX 5 has a modern interior with some great luxury optional extras such as the satellite navigation and the 10-speaker BOSE sound system. There’s also an optional electric seat, which includes heated seating, and has an eight-way power adjustable driver and passenger seat.

Cruise control and climate control come with dual zone air-conditioning as a standard. The new cars come with a 7” infotainment display, which includes hands-free Bluetooth capabilities. The 2.5L has an optional sliding and tilt glass sunroof that looks great and is fairly large.

Driver Assist and features

The CX 5 comes with blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning, while its Smart City Brake Support helps to reduce rear-end collisions by allowing a car to stop at low speeds before a frontal impact.

The head-up display has many infotainments features that can be monitored on the front windscreen, such as fuel consumption, speed, radio and other infotainment technology.

Parking sensors at the back and front are optional, and when active they show a radar sensor on the 7” infotainment display.

Overall verdict of the 2018 Mazda CX 5

The Mazda CX 5 is a strong competitor in its class and for value, combining great looks with superb build quality and features. The CX 5 will certainly put a smile on your face if safety and practicality are you biggest concerns, and it’s a good option if you’re looking for a great family car.

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