6 Essential Accessories to Pimp Out your Bakkie

There’s no denying that South Africans love their bakkies. They’re rugged and tough, and stylish and adaptable. In this blog, we'll explore some essential accessories for bakkies that can enhance both the performance and style of your ride.

Important: Check your vehicle warranty before making any changes to your car’s bodywork or engine. Some modifications are allowed, so it’s important to check the warranty Ts and Cs before making changes to your vehicle. Manufacturer-approved upgrades and modifications usually come with warranties of their own, so if you’re passionate about upgrading your bakkie, rather work with the vehicle manufacturer. This might be the pricier option, but it’s usually the safer choice.

An Extended Car Warranty through MotorHappy gives you peace of mind knowing that unexpected mechanical breakdowns are covered with fixed, affordable monthly payments. Some of the benefits of an Extended Car Warranty through MotorHappy include towing, car hire or overnight accommodation, message relay, tyre change, fuel run, jump-start and key lockout services. Click here to find out more.




If you plan to do some 4x4ing, invest in high-quality all-terrain tyres. When choosing new tyres, be sure to choose a size that is compatible with your vehicle and check the tyres’ speed and ply rating.


Tonneau covers not only enhance your bakkie's style but also keep your belongings safe and protected from the elements. The type of tonneau cover you choose will ultimately depend on your budget, what you use your bakkie for, and how much security is needed. A major bonus of using a tonneau cover is you’ll save some money on petrol because they make your bakkie more aerodynamic.


Bed liners protect the bakkie’s bed from scratches, dents, corrosion, etc. They also usually offer enhanced grip and resistance, which helps to keep your cargo in place and improves safety on the road. You can choose between a spray-in or drop-in bed liner.


If you’re exploring new off-road territory, it’s highly likely that at some point you’ll get stuck. Installing a rated recovery point will help your vehicle manage the load stresses generated during a recovery situation. 


ProtectX4 is flexible, magnetic sheeting which is cut to your car’s specifications. Quickly apply the magnetic sheet to the side of your 4x4 before you go off-roading and take it off easily when you’re done. It comes packed in a compact storage core, so you can take it with you wherever you go.


Depending on which bakkie you have, your suspension, and the size of your tyres, it can be a long stretch from the ground to the cab. There is a wide range of options on the market, so be sure to choose a long-lasting material. 

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