8 tips for saving money on fuel

Changes that will boost the fuel efficiency of your car and save money

Plan your trips and try to avoid traffic as much as possible. Did you know driving in traffic increases your fuel consumption and overall wear and tear on your car?

Use your air conditioner only when necessary because it can increase the fuel consumption of your car by up to 10%.

Always check your wheel pressure as your tyres may be underinflated. In addition to pressure, make sure your wheel alignment is also correct. Wheels that are not aligned cause more friction, therefore higher fuel consumption is used. 

Reduce the number of items you take in your car. Overloading a car can lead to an increase in the consumption of fuel. 

This point is for manual car drivers. Did you know when you drive in a lower gear you will consume more fuel? To make sure you get the most efficiency out of your car you should always drive in the correct gear.

When last did you check your engine oil? This is vital for your engine to perform efficiently. You must therefore be careful of which oil you use and make sure it's correct for your car. Using the wrong oil could be detrimental to your car and mean increased use of fuel.

Stick to the allocated speeds on the road. ‘Pedal to the metal’ just increases your use of fuel, and it’s dangerous for yourself and other road users. 

Did you know if your car is not serviced and properly maintained your car parts such as spark plugs, worn rings, brakes, coolant, dirty oil ad dirty filters can lead to inefficiency o your car and overall higher fuel consumption? Don’t have a service plan? Get a Service Plan through MotorHappy today. Our easy monthly payment plan helps you budget for car maintenance and services with fixed, affordable fees that don’t fluctuate like the petrol price does! 



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