Four signs it's time to buy a new car

Knowing when to buy a new car can be a hard decision, especially if you’re trying to save cash or you’re simply not up for all the admin that comes with purchasing a new car. However, sometimes holding on to your old car could be more costly and it might be time to start researching the different cars for sale in South Africa. 

Below we highlight four signs it’s time to buy a new car:

  There’s always something to fix

Jeremy Clarkson seems to think that cars get a personality only when they start to break. But a car having ‘personality’ doesn’t get you to work and rarely makes you feel good. Does it feel like the maintenance bills are raking up? Things not working? Windows stuck? A/C useless? Individually these items may be worth getting fixed, but when the list piles up it may be time for a fresh start. Likewise, always be wary when you need in-depth, personal knowledge to operate certain parts of your car!
You’re not sure if you’ll make it to your destination
Does it feel like a small victory when you get from point A to point B? Or when your car starts after a long day at work? Even though roadside assistance through MotorHappy is reliable and efficient, there’s nothing worse than that long wait for help to come.
   Driving used to be fun, but now it... isn’t
Remember when you first drove your new car? The excitement, everything felt new, the drive. You’d go out for a drive at the slightest excuse, journeys were always longer. Driving your car was a fun thing to do… Your car is very likely your first or second most valuable possession, even when it’s getting on in years. If the maintenance costs are mounting up, chances are a new car isn’t as harsh on the wallet as you may think. Modern cars are amazingly light on fuel - if you begrudge filling up, it could be the answer.
   Your car hasn’t kept up with you
Life moves pretty fast, and if your situation has changed, you might need your car to change with you. Kids, jobs, longer/shorter commutes, hobbies – these could all have an impact on the kind of car that suits your lifestyle.

Ultimately the only sign you need to change your car is that you simply don’t love your current one like you used to. 

What happens if I can’t buy a new car just yet? 
Give any car a longer life by simply sticking to the service schedule and doing regular maintenance. If you are worried about the cost of maintaining your car, consider investing in an Extended Warranty through MotorHappy. With an Extended warranty, your budget is protected against the risk of mechanical or electrical failures. 
Ok it’s time to buy a new car!
Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a new car and you’ve worked out your budget, your next question should be: Do I buy new or used? 
It is possible to get good new car deals, especially towards the end of the year when so many car dealerships are offering specials, but brand new cars are more expensive than used cars, and let’s not forget they depreciate the minute you drive them off the lot. One of the greatest advantages of buying a new car is that you can choose colour and any other trimmings right from the start. Not to mention that new cars come with a Service Plan which helps you save money in the long run. 
Most of the time, buying a previously-loved car is the most affordable option, however it’s important to do some research before you buy the car. Buying from a dealership provides you with a certain level of protection, and under the Consumer Protection Act, the seller is forced to declare any known defect to a potential buyer. If the car doesn’t come with it’s own Service and/or Maintenance Plan, take a look around MotorHappy’s website to find out more about how we can help you on this exciting new journey. We will chat to you to find out your requirements and then we will shop around for the best quote for you.
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