What does a car maintenance plan cover?


What does a car maintenance plan cover?



From car towing services to cover for your vehicle’s wear and tear, a car maintenance plan has loads of benefits.


A car maintenance plan takes care of any services your car needs, and also covers wear-and-tear items, unscheduled repairs, andparts and labour that aren’t included in a less comprehensive car service plan.

So, let’s say your next service is only due in 2 000km time, but your brakes are squeaking and not working optimally. A maintenance plan will generally cover the cost of the replacement of brake pads, plus the labour. Without this plan, you probably would have had to pay for these yourself, as waiting another few weeks to fix something as critical as brakes might not be the best option.

With a MotorHappy maintenance plan, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind that your car services are taken care of
  • All OEM** required services and parts
  • Fixed, affordable monthly cost for scheduled maintenance
  • Qualified technicians doing the repairs
  • Genuine parts
  • Cover of specificwear-and-tear items
  • Roadside assistance such as:



If you experience a mechanical breakdown or electrical failure which was not directly caused by a road accident and cannot be repaired on the spot, a roadside team will be dispatched to tow your vehicle to the nearest approved facility for repairs.


Car hire or overnight accommodation

In the event of a mechanical breakdown or electrical failure and an authorised car tow to the nearest approved repairer, MotorHappy will contribute towards the cost of any overnight accommodation or car hire you will require immediately after the tow.

Message relay

In the event of a mechanical breakdown or electrical failure, a message will be sent to a family member, friend or business associate on request.

Tyre change

Assistance will be provided should you require assistance with tyre change.

Fuel run

If your vehicle runs out of fuel and you’re stranded on the side of the road, a contractor will be sent with a canister of fuel for your car so that you can reach the nearest petrol station and re-fuel.


If your vehicle has a flat battery, we will send a contractor to help you jump-start your vehicle.

Key lockout

Should you accidently lock your vehicle’s key in your vehicle, we will send out a locksmith to open your vehicle and retrieve your key.

**OEM is the original equipment manufacturer of a new vehicle, who manufactures the original parts and components used during the construction of your vehicle. In certain countries, the OEM is often represented by an Importer of a specific brand of vehicle

For more information or for a free quote, contact MotorHappy – you can request a quote online, or you can ask for a consultant to call you.

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