Be Savvy with vehicle protection plans that includes services and major repairs

What goes together better than chakalaka and pap? A Service Plan and an Extended Warranty Policy, especially if you drive an older car and your original Service Plan and Warranty have expired. These two products complement each other perfectly – your Service Plan has you covered by making sure your car’s recommended scheduled services are taken care of, and your Warranty Policy takes care of any big, unexpected breakdowns and mechanical failures.

With South Africans buckling under the pressure of the rising cost of living, a savvy motorist is one who plans for any expected and unexpected car expenses. A warranty covers items like gear box, engine, turbo assembly, etc. A Service Plan covers all services as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Knowing that these big-ticket items are covered, replacing your missing car aerial seems more doable.

 Service Plan

A Service Plan will cover you for the labour and standard parts of your car’s service. Each Service Plan is different, but they generally cover things like brake fluid, coolant, all filters, spark plugs, tyre rotations and cambelts. Service plans generally exclude wear and tear on parts such as the clutch, shock absorbers, headlight globes and brake pads.

Service Plans start when you buy your car and continue for a set number of years or kilometres. Generally, the lengths are three years and 100 000 kilometres. Service Plans through MotorHappy now cover cars up to 12 years old.

 Warranty Policy

An Extended Warranty is a great addition to a Service Plan. It’s especially smart to consider if you drive a secondhand car or if your car has high mileage, and if your original warranty has expired. An Extended Warranty covers repair costs for mechanical breakdowns.

A car warranty gives you peace of mind, knowing that all major replacements are covered to a certain limit. MotorHappy has a range of warranty options that can protect your car against mechanical or electrical failures after your original manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Be Savvy with vehicle protection plans

A good vehicle protection plan consists of a Service Plan and an Extended Warranty. It will help keep your car on the road longer and it will protect you financially too!

A Service Plan or Extended Warranty through MotorHappy includes additional benefits free Roadside Assistance with benefits such as towing, car hire or overnight accommodation, message relay, fuel run, jump start and key lockout.

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