Car hijacking hotspots and trends   

With our country’s high crime rate, it’s important for South African drivers to remain vigilant and to protect against being exposed to crime. We should always pay careful attention to our surroundings and make sure to follow the rules of the road to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. 

The results of the Covid-19 pandemic have left many South Africans struggling as our economy has been negatively impacted. This has resulted in an increase of hijackings and overall criminal activity on our roads. 

Here are some trends to consider: 

Hijackings in South Africa normally occur every day of the week but peak on Fridays.  

The time of hijackings vary but more hijackings happen at 12:00 midday, peaking at 16:00 to 20:00 in the evenings. 

  • Residential driveways   
  • Traffic intersections  
  • Side of the road (when a driver is distracted while stopping to answer their phone) 
  • Outside schools 
  • Petrol stations  
  • Parking areas  
  • Places where people are picked up and dropped off

Another trend that is surfacing in South Africa is the increase in the hijackings of courier trucks. This has been because of the increase of online shopping since the Covid-19 pandemic. Tracker SA recently released these tips for receiving deliveries:

  • Before opening the door or gate for the delivery person, verify their identity
  • Look for any activity on the street to see if the delivery truck is being followed by a possible accomplice
  • Use tracking information to get a better idea of when goods will be delivered
  • Consider receiving the delivery inside your premises, with the gate closed – particularly for big, expensive items like TVs
  • If an emergency situation arises, keep calm and co-operate

The table below highlights the areas which have had the most hijacking cases reported to their respective police stations in the first quarter over a five year period:



Below are some preventative measures to protect your safety:

  • Limit your driving at night 
  • Approach all intersections with caution, even if the traffic light is green 
  • Take note of who is driving behind you and for how long they have been doing so
  • Before turning into a driveway, check to see if anyone is following you or if there is any other suspicious activity
  • Always wait in the parallel direction to your driveway or garage when turning in or waiting for your gate to open 

These tips could be the difference between life or death. Comprehensive Car Insurance through MotorHappy covers things that can be replaced, but your life isn’t. Stay prepared, safe and vigilant always.  


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