Changing engine oils, filters and fluids: Why do I need this service?

When it comes to cars, regardless of any technological advancements, mechanical parts still wear out and fluids and oils get dirty or contaminated. Filters get clogged. The need for periodic maintenance hasn’t changed. In this blog post, we explore changing engine oils, filters and fluids, just in case you’re asking – why do I need this car service?

Technological advancements of the past few decades have allowed car brands to improve almost every aspect of vehicles. Spark plugs now are made with platinum instead of copper, the mineral engine oil has been replaced with fully synthetic engine oil, brake pads are now ‘asbestos free’, filters now are manufactured from next-gen synthetic materials. The list goes on and on. However, as drivers, we must keep in mind that technology has only helped us to extend the interval between services, not eliminating them.

We explore the importance of changing fluids and filters in a timely manner, the consequences of not doing it, and the benefits of investing in a Service Plan through MotorHappy.

While it’s true that fluids and oils have evolved significantly in the past 20 years, it’s also true that their nature remains disposable. 

Take engine oil as an example. A few years ago, the recommended interval for changing engine oils and filter was 3,000km. Nowadays, fully synthetic engine oils together with hi-tech filters have allowed the service interval to be extended up to 7,500 Km. 

Nevertheless, its function within the engine remains the same: cleaning, lubricating and cooling the internal parts, with the only difference that their lifespan has increased. That’s why neglecting routine oil and filter changes could have these consequences:

  • A decrease in engine performance and fuel economy
  • Accumulation of harmful particles and sludge
  • Lack of proper lubrication that could cause engine components to warp and wear out, eventually breaking down the engine due to extreme heat resulting from friction of moving parts.

The same logic applies to other fluids and filters. If you don’t change the air filter or the fuel filter at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer, they will become clogged. In addition to decreasing engine efficiency, this will increase the risk of serious damage over time.

Brake fluid must be discarded from time to time to prevent the ABS system from clogging. The power steering and automatic transmission oils should be checked at regular intervals to prevent excessive wear on the components.

That’s why a good service plan may come in handy. 

Fortunately, MotorHappy has a smart solution that saves you time and hassle, a Service Plan. By investing in a Service Plan through MotorHappy, you gain many benefits:

  • It keeps your engine in optimal condition
  • It prolongs the lifespan of car components
  • It improves fuel economy and vehicle performance
  • Service Plans through MotorHappy provide you a fixed, affordable, and predictable monthly cost for car servicing, minimising unpleasant surprises due to corrective repairs
  • Scheduled oil and filter changes keep your engine clean, free from sludge and other contaminants
  • Regular oils, filters, and fluids changes improve the resale value of your car
  • All MotorHappy approved service providers only use genuine parts and count on qualified auto technicians to service your car

Get a quote now and give your car the love it deserves.

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