How to identify weak or failing car batteries

Most of the time, your car battery gives you a few warnings before it completely dies. The battery warning light on your dashboard is one obvious warning, but there are other signs to look out for. Batteries are typically not covered by car service plans because they are wear-and-tear items.

However, most car batteries come with their own warranty provided by the battery manufacturer or retailer, offering coverage for a specified period. This warranty typically includes defects in materials or workmanship rather than wear and tear. Therefore, while car service plans may not extend to batteries, consumers can rely on the warranty offered with the battery purchase for potential replacements or repairs.


  • Dim lights. Not only headlights but dashboard lights too
  • Your car struggles to start
  • The battery case is swollen or cracked
  • The metal parts of your battery (the connectors) are corroded
  • Your battery is three to five years old


  • Your car is parked, and not being driven, for long periods
  • You usually only drive your car for short trips
  • Interior or exterior lights are left on
  • Too many electronic devices are plugged into your car’s charging port – especially when you first turn the car on
  • Extreme hot or cold weather


Most people only think of the car’s battery when it’s too late, but a few minor changes to how you use your car could extend the life of your battery. As mentioned above, don’t let the car remain unused for long periods, and when you do take it on trips, aim to take a few longer drives to help the battery fully charge.

When you park the car, before turning off the ignition be sure to turn off all electrical components like the radio, air conditioning, seat warmers, etc. so that the next time you start the car, there is no heavy load on the battery. Also, unplug any phone charges or other devices plugged into your car.

Try to keep your car under cover during extreme temperatures.


A car battery is not covered under a Service Plan through MotorHappy, but many other parts are. We’re talking about spark plugs; air, fuel and oil filters; transmission fluids, lubricants and brake and clutch fluid. Click here to find out more about what is covered in a Service Plan through MotorHappy, and to contact us for a quick and easy quote.

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