Tips for safe road trips when pregnant

Traveling while you’re pregnant is no easy task. Long car rides can become pretty boring and they may make you uncomfortable while you’re pregnant.

If you plan to travel, it’s best to do so before 28 weeks. However, as with any mode of travel, it’s important to chat to your health care provider before you hit the road. Sitting in a car for long periods of time can cause your feet and ankles to swell and your legs to cramp. However, with a little pre-planning you can alleviate this discomfort and have a memorable road trip.

Seatbelts can be awkward when you’re pregnant, but it’s still important to buckle up while travelling. A three-point seatbelt is the most effective seatbelt. Pull the lap part of the strap across your thighs and hips, as you normally would, placing it under your baby bump. Don’t place the belt across your belly because this could put unnecessary pressure on your baby. Finally, wear the shoulder strap towards the middle of your chest, pulled off to the side of your bump.

With the tips listed below on how to buckle up safely when you’re pregnant, your road trip will become a lot more comfortable:

  1. Make sure you have enough water with you throughout the trip! Keeping yourself hydrated is very important to prevent premature labor contractions from rising. Drink some water every time you feel like you’re sweating a lot.
  2. Make sure the air bag in front of your seat is activated. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the distance between you and the airbag is the maximum possible distance. This is easier to achieve if you’re in the passenger seat. However, if you’re the one driving, then you need to make sure that the steering wheel is away from your belly and toward your face! Try to stay as far away from the steering wheel as you can without compromising your driving ease. 
  3. Make frequent stops, even if they’re just for a few minutes. After about every hour or so, you should make a stop for about 5 minutes. Take a pee break and stretch out a bit to get blood flowing to all parts of your body. This will also help you relax and it will remove any backache you’re facing because of sitting down in one position for too long.
  4. Take pillows with you that are specifically designed for your back during pregnancy. These pillows can be easily found. Pick up according to your size and comfort level. If possible, test it by putting it on the seat of your car before buying it. Ensuring that your back is comfortable throughout the trip is important to prevent any backaches from developing.
  5. It’s always important to ensure your car is in good working order but perhaps even more so when you’re a pregnant lady travelling on your own. With a Service Plan through MotorHappy, you can easily manage your budget while saving up for all the expenses that come along with a new baby. A major advantage of a Service Plan through MotorHappy is that it comes with free roadside assistance – you can rest assured that should you experience car troubles, you will get help quickly and efficiently.  

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these safety tips and buckle up safely while you’re pregnant! Remember, all of these tips are pretty important, so don’t skip any of these thinking it won’t make a big deal. That being said, have a safe road trip!

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