Stress less with these road trip preparation tips

The school holidays are the perfect time to pack the kids in the car and head out to see friends and family, or just take that much-needed road trip. However, we know that long road trips can seem quite daunting, especially if you’re planning on crossing the border or if you’re travelling far. Vehicle reliability is key. 

Once you know you’ve taken as many precautions as possible, you can focus on keeping your eyes on the road and your passengers fully entertained. 

We’ve got some top tips to make the trip more enjoyable and hopefully take away some of the extra stress that can come with a long journey. Making the journey part of any vacation can really add to the whole experience. 

Before you head off, book the car in for a service a few weeks in advance so you have time to get anything which may be wrong repaired or replaced. Getting a car service can take away some of the worries of the open road. Make sure you’ve packed your complete breakdown kit, including extra water, just in case, as it’s always best to be fully prepared. (Keep up to date with your car’s services with an easy-to-budget-for service plan through MotorHappy!)

If you’re going to be crossing any borders, speak to your insurance company to make sure your car insurance is valid should anything happen. You can also check with them which numbers you need to call for breakdown or rescue services. Add the numbers to your phone or keep them in the glove box with all other valid documentation you may need. 

Is it time to shop around for more affordable and/or more comprehensive car insurance? Let us do the shopping for you. Our consultants can give you up to 10 quotes from some of South Africa’s leading insurers.

Relying on a GPS has become second nature but it’s always good to mark your route on a map and take it with you as a back-up. Driving long distances can be tiring, so make sure you schedule rest stops even if you need to include overnight stays. Overnight stays can add an extra dimension to your vacation so it’s good to look at places that have amenities the whole family can use.

Use our Ultimate Journey website to plan your route. For two years we’ve collected information on some of South Africa’s top road trip destinations. Visit our website to start planning.

Long journeys can easily become boring, especially when you’ve got little ones onboard. Pack some travel games and books that are easily accessible, but also play games that involve everyone in the car. Music playlists can be alternated so they suit everyone of all ages, and they’re great for a family sing along. If you’re travelling far, break the journey down into sections for the kids. You can even give them a map of their own, so they can mark off key locations on the way and join in the journey. 

Now you’re ready to embark on your family adventure and start creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our other tip is to take plenty of photographs and get the kids to join in! You are all on this journey together so take the time you have together and enjoy it well.  

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