The essential road trip car safety checklist

Whether you’re going on a road trip this year, or planning one in the more distant future, it’s good to keep this important checklist in mind, to ensure a safer drive, and to prevent further damage if there’s currently something wrong with it.

Here’s what to check before heading off:

  • Make sure your car services are up to date. If car services end up being nasty surprises to your budget, it might be time to consider a MotorHappyService Plan. Our plan offers a convenient way to budget for vehicle expenses throughout the year.
  • Do you feel or hear any odd noises coming from anywhere in your car? Are there any unusual vibrations or something not feeling right? Trust your senses and get it evaluated in case there is something wrong. Rather get it sorted now than when you’re on the road, and potentially in a remote area where you won’t have access to repair services.
  • Ensure that the following are in working order: headlamps, controls, switches, windscreen wipers (check that the blades don’t need replacing), brakes, handbrake, seatbelts, indicators, cooling system, warnings on the dashboard.
  • Check that all fluids are at their recommended levels.
  • If your car battery is older than a year, get it tested.
  • Ensure that your tyres don’t need replacing, and that they have at least 3mm of tread. It’s worthwhile getting your tyres inflated, plus an alignment and balancing.
  • Check that your spare wheel is in good condition, and that you have the correct tools to change a tyre if necessary.
  • Have phone chargers in the car, and emergency contact details close by too.

For a checklist on what you should keep in your car in case of emergencies, head here.

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