The BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series has been around since 1975, and with each generation, there’s something to get excited about. The new 3 Series boasts three different lines: Sports, Luxury and M Sport, and each comes with a number of efficient-dynamic diesel and high-efficiency petrol engines, all of which contribute to low fuel consumption.

Prices and specs

All BMW 3 Series models have a Manual Transmission, the optional extra Automatic Steptronic or the Sport Automatic (which is only available on some performance models). All the models have the standard rear-wheel drive that is perfectly weight distributed.

The new 3 Series starts atR517 100for the base model BMW 318i sedan, whichputs out a manageable 100 KW/136hp and shoots from a standstill to 100km/h in 8,9 seconds. The new petrol engine still manages to keep the fuel consumption in check, with an average of 5.0l/100km.

The most popular 3 Series is the 320d, which starts atR591 100. The 320d combines power with great fuel efficiency, and the diesel engine has a total power output of 140 Kw/188hp, which gets the sedan from 0-100km in 6,7seconds. The 320d has the best fuel consumption of all the models at 4.0l/100km.

For someone who wants the top of the line, then the 340i is the go-to. It starts atR813 898, andcomes with an 8-speed sport automatic as standard. The twin turbo petrol engine cranks out 240 KW/322 hp, and when engaging launch control, the 340i will get from 0-100 in a blur of 4.7seconds. Even with all this insane power, the 340i still keeps a reasonably good fuel consumption of 6.5l/100km.

Design, exterior and interior

The car looks sporty from every angle, while still retaining the iconic 3 Series shape, with the long wheelbase and the set-back passenger compartment.

New head/rear cluster lights have been added, along with slightly wider wheel arches and new chrome exhaust tips. The car comes with three different wheel options from a 17”,18” and the sportier 19” M package wheels.

The interior is spacious with uncluttered controls and buttons. There’s an 8.8” control display that comes with the optional navigation system that’s easy to use.There are two speaker options - the standard 9 speaker BMW performance system, and the 16-speaker Harmon Kardonsystem that is incredible, with a clear high treble and a deep low bass.

Driver Assistance

The driver assistance system comes with parking assist, lane-change warningsfor when overtaking, and warning with city break activation.

Active cruise control and stop and go functions are included. The BMW head-up display is an optional extra that displays information such as speed, navigation tips, overtaking tips, entertainment features and information warnings.


If you want a luxury, sporty sedan with great build quality and refinement, then the new 3 Series is certainly one of the best in its class. It’s also one of the safest and best looking, and there aren’t a lot of competitors that can face the new 3 Series when it comes to power, fuel efficiency and pure German quality build.

Prices correct at the time of publication and include VAT

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