Top 3 cars available in SA for less than R250k

If you’re on a tight budget, you might be wondering if it’s possible to find an affordable car that’s also a good car. We have good news for you – we’ve found three cars that prove that “downsizing” is not necessarily a bad thing. 

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The following list of cars are three of our favourite cars for sale in South Africa for less than R250 000:

The Volkswagen Polo is top of our list because it is highly practical with modern technology, simplistic design and excellent build quality.

  • Price – R249 900
  • Engine – 1.0 liter 3-cylinder, 70 kW/175 Nm, combined fuel consumption – 4.5L/100km 
  • Transmission – 5-speed manual or 7-speed DSG automatic
  • Warranty – 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 12-year Body Protection Warranty


Volkswagen’s APP Connect feature and Active Info Display makes the new Polo feel superior over other cars in this price range. Along with attractive looks and safety features that very few automotive companies can compete with, the Volkswagen Polo must be considered when looking for an affordable car in South Africa.


The Hyundai i20 offers excellent practicality combined with an interesting design. Although the i20 is not as “grown-up” as the Volkswagen Polo, many people consider the i20 to be a more joyful daily drive. The Hyundai is available in a range funky colours available along with some striking exterior and interior design features, such as the colour coded interior trims with the chosen exterior body colour.

  • Price – R241 900
  • Engine – 1.2 liter 4-cylinder, 61 kW/115 Nm, combined fuel consumption – 5.9L/100km
  • Transmission – 5-speed manual
  • Warranty – 7-year Industry Leading Warranty or 200 000km Warranty


Although the Hyundai i20 doesn’t offer as much as its German rival, the i20 does have a unique character and the Hyundai is available with a class leading warranty, which no other automotive company can compete with in this segment.


Last but not least is the all-new Kia Rio, which has recently arrived in South Africa. The Rio has many unique characteristics when compared to many of its rivals. The Kia Rio has award-winning exterior styling, and a well-designed interior, along with some of the latest safety technology available.

  • Price – R242 495
  • Engine – 1.4 liter 4-cylinder, 74 kW/135 Nm, combined fuel consumption – 5.8L/100km
  • Transmission – 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic 
  • Warranty – 5-year Warranty or 150 000km Warranty
Conclusion for the Top 3

Although there are many other cars that could fall under this list, the Polo, i20 and Rio have managed to make it to our top 3. This is because the Volkswagen Polo offers excellent German build-quality that’s covered with some of the latest technology; the Hyundai i20 offers a unique design which makes it more interesting to drive every day; and finally the Kia Rio has a stylish appearance along with the largest engine (most power) available in this list. All three of these vehicles have great safety ratings, good practicality, low maintenance costs and affordable sticker prices, which puts them at the top of our list for cars under R250K in South Africa.

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