How to save money on your car in 2020

Most things get more expensive in a new year, we’re thinking petrol, insurance, vehicle maintenance - but don’t stress because we’ve got some real tips on how to save money on your car in 2020.  

Follow these tips for a budget-friendly 2020:

Some people think that not taking out car insurance is an easy way to save money, but if your car is stolen or in an accident, it could cost you a fortune in the long run. 

You should get new insurance quotes every year. Don’t fall into the trap of opting for the first insurance company that comes to your mind, or sticking with your existing insurer, simply to get it over with. Rather, take the time to shop around and you could save money, and even find better cover. 

The cheapest insurance cover is not always the best. You should always do some research on various plans and a cost analysis, weighing the price and benefits of policies. MotorHappy can help you find the best insurance for your budget and your needs. Tell us more about the vehicle you want to insure and a MotorHappy agent will contact you with quotes from up to seven top insurers.   

When you decrease your premiums, you’ll obviously be saving money each month. You can decrease your premiums by installing an anti-theft device, ensuring your policy is updated (for example, you could pay less if you start working at a new employer and park in a safer spot), and choosing to pay a higher excess, which will result in lower premiums. (Tip: ensure you can afford the excess if and when you claim.)

Don’t try to avoid taking your cars for services or maintaining it in order to save money. Follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations around maintenance and services. With a Service Plan or Maintenance Plan through MotorHappy, not only will you rest assured knowing you’re getting great value for money, but the easy monthly payments will allow for better budgeting.

A Service Plan pays for specified aspects of the recommended services of your car by an approved facility for a specific term (usually three years) or kilometres travelled (generally 100 000km), whichever comes first. Filters, spark plugs and lubricants are normally covered by MotorHappy’s service plan product partners. 

A Maintenance Plan is a level up from a service plan as it includes a warranty against mechanical failures, as well as wear and tear on items such as shock absorbers, brake pads and wiper blades. It doesn’t cover the cost of new tyres. Like with a service plan, a maintenance plan also lasts for a few years or a set number of kilometres.

A service plan and maintenance plan from MotorHappy will likely come standard with Roadside Assistance with benefits such as towing, car hire or overnight accommodation, message relay, fuel run, jumpstart and key lockout.

You can make your tank go further by driving more economically. Here’s what you can do:

Do: Drive at the speed limit, stay in the higher gears, minimise the usage of air conditioners and seat warmers, park in the shade, ensure correct tyre pressure, remove unnecessary weight, prioritise maintenance

Don’t: Accelerate quickly or stamp the brakes, rev the engine, leave your car idling




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