Car maintenance: Preventative, proactive, prepared

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the cars we have on our driveways are imperfect machines. With so many moving parts relying upon one another, there’s bound to be wear-and-tear, as well as the occasional failure. Fortunately, there are certain car maintenance steps you can take to minimise these failures. 

Just like any living thing, cars need care and attention, otherwise, their health may deteriorate – and that’s where problems begin. It’s easy to follow a good car care routine, though, especially if you break it down into three distinctive categories: preventative, proactive, and prepared.

In an ideal world, it’d be nice if the problems you may experience with your car never turn up in the first place. While you can never be 100% certain that your machine is bulletproof, there are preventative steps you can take to minimise failures.

Having your car serviced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals is perhaps the best way of keeping up good health. Servicing involves changing the vital fluids in your car such as the oil and brake fluid, replacing filters, and visually inspecting all key areas of your car. Servicing helps to keep away avoidable failures, but it’s important to service is carried out on a regular routine. A Service Plan through MotorHappy takes care of the timings for you, meaning you have the peace of mind knowing your car is having the right check-ups at the right time. You can even spread the costs monthly for affordability!

It’s worth getting to know the car that’s under your ownership. You can be proactive with your car care by taking the time out to learn the unique aspects of your car – especially in areas where it may be vulnerable to failure. Each car is unique, and some models have more common failures than others.

The internet is a great place to start with finding out more about your car. Most car models have forums with passionate and knowledgeable members who’ll be able to help you out. Most importantly, though, you can be more aware of areas where your car may be weaker and keep an eye on it.


Lastly, it’s good to be as prepared as possible for any scenario that may come your way with car care. A service plan is a great way of preventing failures, but that doesn’t stop the fact of life that is wear-and-tear. If you really want to be prepared at all costs, consider a maintenance plan.

Maintenance Plans come with all the benefits that service plans offer, with the added bonus that you’re covered for all wear-and-tear such as brake pads and wiper blades and covers you for all unscheduled repairs. It’s the ultimate cover against any nasty bills and is undoubtedly the best way to be prepared for your car care.

By following those three simple methods of car care, you can get on with your daily life with the peace of mind knowing your car isn’t about to turn into a giant money pit.


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