Keep your car looking new with scratch and dent insurance


Keep your car looking new with scratch and dent insurance


Even if you have comprehensive car insurance, you might not want to get those annoying scratches and chips fixed because it could affect your premiums and no-claims bonuses. This is where scratch and dent insurance comes in.

This handy insurance product covers you for damage such as minor chips, scratches and dents to your car. Our scratch and dent cover is called Paint Tech Auto Body Warranty, which provides you with cover in the event of minor chips, scratches, dents and interior damage to your vehicle. It enables you to protect the exterior and interior of your car, keeping your car in showroom condition and ensuring a better resale value if you one day sell your car. Read more: How depreciation affects the value of your car

The Paint Tech Warranty comes with the following benefits:


  • It provides peace of mind – less worrying about unexpected chips, dents & scratches
  • There’s a fixed, affordable monthly cost
  • It can increase the resale value of your car


The warranty covers:


  • Windscreen damage
  • Hail damage
  • Wheel rims and mag wheels
  • Minor dents
  • Scratches to:
  • Centre console
  • Dashboard
  • Door handles
  • Door panel plastic
  • Gear lever boot
  • Gear knob
  • Handbrake boot
  • Head rest
  • Parcel shelf and strings
  • Plastic panel repair
  • Roof lining
  • Rubber carpet inserts
  • Seat panel
  • Seat stitch
  • Steering wheel respray
  • Sun visors
  • Safety film


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