Choose the best Extended Warranty cover for your used car

Buying a used car is a cost-efficient choice for many people. However, with that choice comes the responsibility of ensuring its longevity and protection. This is where extended warranty cover becomes important – it safeguards against unexpected repairs and expenses that can sometimes come with an older car. Selecting the best car warranty cover could mean greater peace of mind for the road ahead. 

Extended warranty cover for used cars is a great idea when the car’s original manufacturer’s warranty has expired, offering additional protection against mechanical breakdowns, faulty parts, and unforeseen repairs. This is one way to help ensure that your investment is protected because you can trust you’re covered against some of the uncertainties of vehicle ownership.

A misconception about Extended Warranty cover is that it’s a waste of money, with some motorists believing the cost of repairs could be lower than the price of the warranty. It’s important to read the Ts and Cs of the warranty contract to know exactly what is covered in the plan before deciding if it’s worth the investment.

Compare the cost of the extended warranty cover with the potential cost of repairs to decide whether the warranty offers value for money. 

Factors to consider before buying an extended warranty for your used car

  • As mentioned above, review the exclusions and limitations of the contract. For example, some car warranty cover might exclude wear and tear items or pre-existing conditions. Be mindful of any limitations on where repairs are carried out. 
  • Check whether there are any co-payments associated with the warranty cover. 
  • Decide between the various coverage options available, ranging from comprehensive plans that cover a wide range of components to basic plans with more limited coverage. A comprehensive plan might be more expensive but offers greater peace of mind. A basic plan might not have enough coverage to offer any real cost benefits when or if you claim.
  • Extended Warranty cover for older cars with high mileage tends to be more expensive. This is because it is more likely that these cars will need repairs. When you consider the cost of major car repairs, investing in extended warranty cover might be a shrewd financial decision. A bonus is that many extended warranties also include free perks like roadside assistance and overnight accommodation, offering additional peace of mind if your car does break down.

It’s easy to conduct research on potential extended car warranty providers. Look for information regarding the reputation and reliability of the warranty provider, as well as customer reviews and ratings. 

Read and understand the terms and conditions. Pay special attention to the transferability of the warranty as well as potential co-payments. Certain warranties might exclude specific parts or systems.

Most extended warranty providers will stipulate that your car should be serviced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. No self-servicing is allowed, and you will be required to show proof of servicing. If you don’t service the vehicle within 1500km or 30 calendar days of its due date, you will be in breach of the policy conditions, which may result in the policy being cancelled.

Manage your car maintenance costs by investing in an extended car warranty. Remember, all new cars come with a warranty. This is the manufacturer’s promise to replace or repair any components that fail during the time stipulated in the warranty. 

An Extended Warranty extends the peace of mind offered by your car’s first warranty – you can trust that your car will be repaired without huge additional expenditure. Contact MotorHappy today to find out about our Extended Warranty and the coverage we offer. Click here to find out more

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