The benefits of an extended car warranty

If you are a car owner who wants to have your car covered for all eventualities, an extended car warranty might be the answer.

When purchasing a new car, it usually comes with a warranty for a fixed period to cover failures and manufacturing defects. Once that period of warranty has expired you, the car owner, are liable for all problems that may arise in your car. This is possibly the most important benefit of an extended warranty: the peace of mind knowing that your car is fully covered in case of a breakdown or failure, as per the terms of the extended warranty. Essentially, a warranty keeps your car in good condition throughout its service life.

Depending on the type of contract you select, an Extended Car Warranty provider, such as MotorHappy, will undertake to cover your car against mechanical failures and other operational related eventualities. This type of car warranty helps you avoid those nasty “failure” surprises that often translate into huge sums of that you didn’t budget for. A car warranty is a contract between you and an extended car warranty provider, and you are entitled to the financial assistance in case of a major breakdown or failure of any of the systems in your car.  

Another advantage of an extended warranty is that it enhances the resale value of your car. This is because usually vehicles with extended warranties are well maintained with regular car maintenance and change of worn out parts promptly as all these are covered under the terms of the warranty. 


Benefits of an extended car warranty

Fixed cost:

An easy monthly installment helps you plan your budget accordingly.
Quality of service:

Have confidence in your vehicle’s repair work, knowing that qualified technicians are working on your car.
Genuine replacement parts:

When there is a breakdown and some parts in your car are to be replaced you can be assured of genuine parts from the manufacturer.

Nowadays, many companies that provide extended car warranties also offer other related services that ensure that you can easily take care of all eventualities that may arise while using your car. Complete roadside assistance is often offered as a free add-on to the service and it includes towing, car hire or overnight accommodation, message relay, tyre change, fuel run, jump-start assistance and locksmith services. 


Thus, an Extended Car Warranty gives you complete peace of mind as it assures prompt assistance and help whenever you need it so you can drive your well-maintained car with confidence.

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