Updated: Mistakes that could void your car warranty

Did you know that you could void your extended warranty if you make certain modifications to your car? Additionally, if the modifications damage other parts of your vehicle, the damaged components might not be covered. Be savvy, keep reading our blog to find out more about mistakes that could void your car warranty.

A car warranty is a guarantee by a manufacturer that it will replace or repair certain parts of your vehicle, and it’s usually based on the number of years or the number of kilometres travelled, whichever comes first. What does a car warranty cover? It depends on the type of warranty you choose, but most warranties usually cover engine defaults, gearbox, differential, air conditioning, cooling system, suspension, wheel bearings, prop shafts, CV joints, clutch and turbo assembly.

A warranty is the same as any contract and if you don’t uphold your end of the deal, you could lose out on your warranty.

Missing a service

Keep a close eye on the recommended time frame or kilometres between car services. While most warranties allow for a grace period, if you miss out on a service your warranty could become invalid.

Vehicle misuse 

If you use your car for off-roading and it’s not an off-road vehicle, or if you decide to enter some drag race, or you’re moving home and you overload your vehicle – these are all considered vehicle misuse. If your car is damaged while you are “misusing” it, any warranty claims could be denied.


If you alter your vehicle’s bodywork or engine, your warranty might become void. However, some modifications are allowed, so once again it’s important to check the warranty Ts and Cs before making changes to your vehicle. Manufacturer-approved upgrades and modifications usually come with warranties of their own, so if you’re passionate about upgrading your car, rather work with the vehicle manufacturer. This might be the pricier option, but it’s usually the safer choice.

Vehicle write off

If your car is written off, your warranty is too.

When your initial warranty expires, an Extended Car Warranty will continue to provide you with financial assistance in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of your car. If you want to make sure that your car is taken care of along its journey, consider taking out an Extended Car Warranty through MotorHappy.

An Extended Car Warranty through MotorHappy gives you peace of mind knowing that unexpected mechanical breakdowns are covered with fixed, affordable monthly payments. Some of the benefits of an Extended Car Warranty through MotorHappy include towing, car hire or overnight accommodation, message relay, tyre change, fuel run, jump-start and key lockout services. 

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