Optional extras: Are they really worth it?


Optional extras: Are they really worth it?


Once you have decided which vehicle suits you best, you are immediately flooded by the optional extras list. These optional extras and car accessories will impact the cost of your car, so choose carefully.

Your car extras list can quickly raise the price of the vehicle you are buying, without you even realising it until the final price is presented to you.Some items, like a service plan, are definitely worth the investment.

The biggest/most expensive option, is the engine model

Selecting the right engine for your requirements is important. If you drive far daily, you would need the most fuel-efficient engine possible. Sometimes the most fuel-efficient engines are the most powerful so it’s important to do your research.

Choosing the wrong engine could ruin your experience with that car, because it could lack power or it might simply be too heavy on fuel.

Which drivetrain and wheel drive option best suits you?

This option could be just as important as choosing the correct engine. Consider the purpose of your vehicle – for example, a farmer who travels on off-road terrain may need a4-wheel drive system to prevent getting stuck in sticky scenarios. A front wheel drive would probably best suit everyday city driving, because it’s easy to control. Front wheel drive is also usually the cheaper option. Rear wheel drive is ideal for the fast sports car enthusiasts because it offers more controland makes the car feel sportier.

Anything that improves the performance of your car is generally a good investment and contributes positively towards resale value. This is because car enthusiasts are usually happy to pay extra for added power.

If safety is a major concern, then this is an area you would want to spend money

Today’s cars offer more advanced safety features, from additional airbags to blind spot detection and reverse cameras. Safety features are especially important in the entry-level market since these cars are often not very sturdy and the people driving these cars are usually inexperienced drivers. Whether it’s basic safety features or more advanced safety features, we believe this area deserves careful consideration.

Tools to help you find your way

If you’ve got a smartphone, is a SatNav system really worth it? With a price tag starting at around R15,000 we’re going to say no on this one. With constantly evolving technology, the chances are your vehicle’s on-board SatNav system won’t last as long as your car does, and it’s much easier to upgrade your smartphone than it is to upgrade your vehicle.

If standing out in the crowd is important, invest in wheels

Spoilers and sports kits do very little to add value to your vehicle, however alloy wheels add presence and character, and a few extra Rands to your selling price. (Protect your wheel rims and mags with a MotorHappy Paint Tech warranty)

Invest in a Service Plan

This isn’t a visible optional extra but it’s an extra that will save you money in the long run. Most new cars come with a Service Plan, but if you’re purchasing a pre-loved car, consider investing in a Service Plan or Maintenance Plan through MotorHappy. Easy monthly payments make it possible to budget for expected and unexpected costs related to the upkeep of your vehicle.

If you’re looking for a new vehicle, be sure to spend some time exploring our Car Reviews section. You just might find the car of your dreams right here on the MotorHappy blog!

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