How SA’s new automotive Code of Conduct impacts you

How SA’s new automotive Code of Conduct will impact you

Did you know that when it comes to service plans, vehicle maintenance and car warranties, South African car owners are unique in the world? Car owners in most other countries are not locked into using a vehicle manufacturer’s service centres and repair shops, as they are in South Africa. Thankfully that’s all about to change, thanks to the implementation of a historic new Code of Conduct for the South African Automotive Industry.

Once the Code comes into effect, vehicle manufacturers will no longer be able to void your vehicle warranty if you use an independent service centre or repair shop. The Code of Conduct has come into effect thanks to campaigning from the Right to Repair campaign, which aims to allow consumers to select where their vehicles are serviced, maintained and repaired at competitive prices in the workshop of their choice.This option encourages a fair and competitive regulatory environment and enables freedom of choice.

The current anti-competitive situation which forces consumers to use specific car service providers results in inflated prices for consumers. Extended warranties are locking consumers into periods where firstly, they have no choice but to use the dealer for repairs and secondly, they are at the mercy of the dealer who can charge whatever rates he/she chooses.Ultimately consumers are being denied the right to have their vehicle repaired at a car service plan provider of their choice.

The right to choose where your car is serviced

The new Code of Conduct for the South African Automotive Industry states that independent service providers can undertake in-warranty service and maintenance work and in-warranty motor-body repairs. This means consumers can now choose from a wide selection of service providers and would enjoy more competitive pricing.

Added to this, the code allows all service providers to have access to original spare parts and allows the choice of high-quality alternative parts for repairs and maintenance of vehicles.

Insurance benefits

Your warranty won’t be voided if an insurance company uses an independent service provider, which means greater access to more affordable repairs, possibly resulting in lower premiums.

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Vehicle service plans and car maintenance plans: Empowered with the Right to Repair

Soon car owners will have greater choice when it comes to their motor planning and can choose from a larger selection of car service plan, maintenance plan and extended warranty providers. With so many providers out there, finding the right partner for your vehicle maintenance can seem daunting. MotorHappy can help you find the best partner for your vehicle, with peace of mind knowing we have access to qualified technicians who supply high quality parts for your car.

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